Green Building Concept. • Sustainable site planning. • Building Design optimization. • Energy performance optimization. • Renewal energy utilization. PDF | This thesis addresses the question: what is a green building? This question is fundamental to those academics, research bodies and. 𝗣𝗗𝗙 | On Jan 1, , Saiful Islam and others published Recent trends in the Abstract— Green building concept, in broader terms, involves a.

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This chapter presents an overview of green buildings and is divided into three sections. While the definition of what constitutes a green building is constantly evolving, the .. ), available at pdf. green Building - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Green Buildings BC—New Buildings Program Planning, Design and Construction Strategies for Green Buildings . SELECT BEST CONCEPT DESIGN.

The US. Highest emission mostly from the OECD members, but the growth is limited.

Primarily, the concept is drawn from intensive discussion and debates on minimizing the adverse effect of buildings on the environment by improving efficiency and moderating the use of materials, energy, and spatial development. Green building is one of the concepts to encourage the use of environmental friendly approach in the construction sector. It can be measured using specific assessments such as ecological, social, and economic.

Kibert , generates criteria of commercial quality from reduction of life cycle cost to the preservation of economic value. The commercial quality of buildings becomes critical as this industry involves enormous investment and labor.

Despite its advantages, stakeholders such as owners and developers in Indonesia hesitate to implement the concept into their project development due to higher cost and limited knowledge of the sustainable practice.

Though we cannot avoid affecting the environment, the green buildings will aim and contribute towards minimising the environmental impact.

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It should also be emphasized that green buildings do not only contribute towards a sustainable construction and environment but it also brings lots of benefits and advantages to the building owners and the users.

It contributes towards lower development costs, lower operating costs, increased comforts, healthier indoor environment quality, and enhanced durability and less maintenance costs. The uncertainties in application of green building concept Though there are guidelines being developed for implementation of green building concepts, there are many gray areas and unfolded chapters which hinder the success of their implementation.

The most significant fact being that there is very little publicly available data regarding manufacturing process that document energy consumption, impact on natural resources, CO2 emissions for each building material etc.

Therefore, undoubtedly, to a certain degree,. The data collected on Life Cycle value assessments will help overcoming such issues but still this tool is in its early stages and may need a little more time to provide us with accurate and comprehensive data about the building materials, products and systems. How UAE is responding?

Until recently we have not perceived a significant contribution within the UAE construction industry towards green buildings. Clients had more often tend to go by cheaper options of construction and ended up in higher operational and maintenance costs adding larger impact on environment.

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This trend has now begun to change and today the green building concepts are being crept into the construction developments. Along with this recognition, it was an encouraging step taken by architects and environmentalists in UAE to establish the Emirates Green Building Council EGBC to advance green building principles in the country.

In order to successfully implement the green building principles in UAE, on one hand, it is a timely necessity to educate the property developers, the prospective owners and the professionals in the construction industry on sustainable construction. On the other hand, though not possible at once, it is necessary to take steps on establishing an accurate scientific and quantitative data-base on building products, systems and materials, more specifically a data- base on behaviour of these products, systems and materials under the extreme climatic conditions prevalent in UAE.

A thought The mankind has impacted so much on the global environment to twist its balance. Therefore, today, as the dependents of the environment, at whichever level in the society you and me are, it is a timely obligation of us to wide open our eyes towards changing our attitudes and the way of living.

Stakeholders' perspectives on green building rating: A case study in Indonesia

Indunil D. Project Magmnt.

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An Overview of the Green Building Concept Over the last three to four decades, in many fields in which human beings are actively involved in, the concept of Cure has begun to be transformed into the concept of Prevention. Documents Similar To green Building concept. Roca Ramos. Naik Himanshu A. Pranav Mishra. Ravi Joshi. Harsh Kanani. Studies have shown that it has a positive impact on productivity and well being.

Install high-efficiency lighting systems with advanced lighting controls. Include motion sensors tied to dimmable lighting controls. Task lighting reduces general overhead light levels. Maximize light colors for roofing and wall finish materials; install high R-value wall and ceiling insulation; and use minimal glass on east and west exposures.

Minimize the electric loads from lighting, equipment, and appliances. Consider alternative energy sources such as photovoltaics and fuel cells that are now available in new products and applications. Renewable energy sources provide a great symbol of emerging technologies for the future.

Computer modeling is an extremely useful tool in optimizing design of electrical and mechanical systems and the building shell.

Materials Efficiency Select sustainable construction materials and products by evaluating several characteristics such as reused and recycled content, zero or low off gassing of harmful air emissions, zero or low toxicity, sustainably harvested materials, high recyclability, durability, longevity, and local production.

Such products promote resource conservation and efficiency. Using recycled-content products also helps develop markets for recycled materials that are being diverted from California's landfills, as mandated by the Integrated Waste Management Act. Use dimensional planning and other material efficiency strategies.

These strategies reduce the amount of building materials needed and cut construction costs. For example, design rooms on 4-foot multiples to conform to standard-sized wallboard and plywood sheets. Reuse and recycle construction and demolition materials.

For example, using inert demolition materials as a base course for a parking lot keeps materials out of landfills and costs less. Require plans for managing materials through deconstruction, demolition, and construction.

Design with adequate space to facilitate recycling collection and to incorporate a solid waste management program that prevents waste generation. Water Efficiency Design for dual plumbing to use recycled water for toilet flushing or a gray water system that recovers rainwater or other nonpotable water for site irrigation.

Minimize wastewater by using ultra low-flush toilets, low-flow shower heads, and other water conserving fixtures. Use recirculating systems for centralized hot water distribution. Install point-of-use hot water heating systems for more distant locations. Use a water budget approach that schedules irrigation using the California Irrigation Management Information System data for landscaping.

Meter the landscape separately from buildings. Use micro-irrigation which excludes sprinklers and high-pressure sprayers to supply water in nonturf areas.The heat generated from Studies show that there are several ways of reducing energy computers and other electronic appliances can be recycled to consumption in buildings and much effort has sought to heat the building if the rooms are properly designed.

In this objective respondents were asked to use a 5 point scale to determine appropriate strategies that can be used to promote uptake of green building concepts. In , however, the 73, sq ft.


Ahmad Anis. Scott, M. The measures include and undisputable assessment of all sustainability aspects of a shape, orientation, passive solar design and use of natural building [15]. Studies on re cycling indicate that environmental Siemens has proven with its energy efficiency solutions that impacts caused by reused materials are at 55 per cent of the every building has already today an energy efficiency impact caused if all materials had been new [21].

A mean score for the strategies was calculated where a lower mean meant that the strategy promoted uptake whereas a higher mean was interpreted not to be the fastest way to promote uptake of the concepts. Along with this recognition, it was an encouraging step taken by architects and environmentalists in UAE to establish the Emirates Green Building Council EGBC to advance green building principles in the country.