Lesson The Prisoner's Dilemma and Strict. Dominance. At its core, game theory is the study of strategic interdependence—that is, situations where my. Game Theory The Complete Textbook. Lesson The Prisoner's Dilemma and. Strict Dominance. The prisoner's dilemma is the oldest and most. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. William Spaniel is a PhD student in political science at the Game Theory The Basics - site edition by William Spaniel. Download it once and read it on your site device, PC, phones or tablets.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. People often ask me to recommend a book that gives an Game Theory The Complete Textbook - site edition by William. William Spaniel has created an impressive series of Youtube videos with the same brand name of “Game Theory ” He has also been a. Game Theory The Complete Textbook William Spaniel. Game Theory The Complete Textbook is a no-nonsense, games-centered introduction to.

By the end of the book, these and other topics will become second nature. However, the opening section contains what I consider to be a somewhat fatal flaw.

Up to this point all of the math is very easy to follow, yet in this section we are now introduced to an Algebraic equation to solve the game. While the Algebra is not overly difficult, the author assumes that the reader is well versed in Algebra and just writes out the formula without any explanation of each of the steps used to come to the final result.

A simple step by step explanation of the initial algorithm would have made the rest of the chapters much easier to grasp for those who are not fluent or are rusty in Algebra. Each of these sections have the same depth of analysis as the initial lessons. There is a tremendous amount of useful information contained within, and when used alongside the videos on YouTube, you will have a firm foundation on the subject matter.

Even with my criticism listed above, this book is highly recommended, as William Spaniel has done an admirable job in gathering all of this information into one book and breaking it down into a digestible format.

The book has inspired me to want to watch his video series, which also goes beyond the topics covered within the book. Concepts were convoluted with technical and mathematical procedures and the author took me step by step in explaining them.

As they approach the backdoor, the police arrest them for trespassing. The cops suspect that the pair planned to break in but lack the evidence to support such an accusation.

They therefore require a confession to charge the suspects with the greater crime. He individually sequesters both robbers and tells each of them the following: We are currently charging you with trespassing, which implies a one month jail sentence.

I know you were planning on robbing the store, but right now I cannot prove it — I need your testimony. In exchange for your cooperation, I will dismiss your trespassing charge, and your partner will be charged to the fullest extent of the law: a twelve month jail sentence.

I am offering your partner the same deal. If both of you confess, your individual testimony is no longer as valuable, and your jail sentence will be eight months each.

Luckily, we can condense everything we need to know into a simple matrix: We will use this type of game matrix regularly, so it is important to understand how to interpret it. There are two players in this game.What is the difference between preventive and preemptive war, and why on earth does the media use these terms interchangeably? Very nice work.

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