Request PDF on ResearchGate | Localización atípica del quiste tirogloso | El quiste tirogloso es una malformación congénita asociada a la falta de involución . PDF | Background: To report a rare case of papillary carcinoma in thyroglossal Objetivo: Reportar un caso raro de carcinoma papilar en un quiste tirogloso y. Quiste tirogloso como foco primario de carcinoma papilar de tiroides metastásico a cadena ganglionar yugular. The thyroid gland descends through the foramen.

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Carcinoma del quiste;. Tiroidectomía;. Sistrunk. Carcinoma papilar primario en el quiste tirogloso. Serie de casos y revisión de la literatura. Resumen El quiste. El quiste del conducto tirogloso es la enfermedad congénita cervical más frecuente (7% de la población general); son generalmente benignos, pero en un 1%. El quiste tirogloso intratiroideo en el diagnóstico diferencial del nódulo tiroideo solitario: a propósito de 2 casos. Dear Editor: Thyroglossal cysts are the most.

Abstract Surgical pathology of the neck constitutes an important field in pediatric surgery. Nevertheless, a significant number of adult patients may present neck pathology, and cervical midline cystic congenital lesions, specifically those related with abnormal embryologic development of the thyroid gland, represent the most frequent type of abnormality.

We report a case of papillary carcinoma originating in a thyroglossal duct cyst in an adult woman; very few cases have been reported in the lityerature. We discuss diagnosis and management, and include a literature review. A lo largo de este trayecto pueden persistir remanentes del tejido tiroideo que, finalmente, dan origen al quiste tirogloso.

En una de las mayores series reportadas por Y. Hsieh, et al. Katz y M. En la serie de S. Patel, et al.

Referencias 1. Adenocarcinoma originating in the thyroglossal duct. Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol. The applied anatomy of thyroglossal tract remnants.

Rev Colomb Cir. Pathological analysis of congenital cervical cysts in children: 20 years of experience at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital. Chang Gung Med J.

Katz AD, Hachigian M. Thyroglossal duct cysts. A thirty year experience with emphasis on occurrence in older patients. We report three cases of epidermoid cyst on the maxillofacial region. A 4-year-old male child reported with a swelling developmental cysts that occur in the head and neck on the right lateral frontozygomatic suture and eyelid, with an incidence ranging from 1.

The swelling was soft, smooth, cystic, Khateeb et al. They represent less than 0. A provisional diagnosis of all cysts of the oral cavity.

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Doppler ultrasound showed a well encapsulated enclosure of epithelium within the dermis that ovoid cystic lesion of 10 mm x 7 mm size. It occurs in young to middle-age adults. Men are The lesion was excised and sent for affected more often than women in the ratio , with histopathologic examination. Macroscopic finding mean age 28 years Al-Khateeb et al. On sectioning a whitish cheesy material, ; Park, Histopathologic examination of H-E stained section Histologically, they can be further classified as showed fibrocellular cystic wall lined by thin layer of epidermoid lined with simple squamous epithelium , stratified epithelium Fig.

A confirmatory diagnosis dermoid when skin adnexa are found in the cyst wall of Epidermoid cyst was made.

We here report 3 Case 2. A year-old male reported with a swelling in cases of epidermoid cyst arising in the head and neck the left cygomatic area of 3 months duration, increasing region. Clinical photograph showing Fig. Excised specimen of the Fig.

Cut gross specimen revealed cheesy swelling around the right eyelid. Histopathologic examination of H-E stained section showed fibrocellular cystic wall lined by thin layer of stratified epithelium Fig.

A confirmatory diagnosis of Epidermoid cyst was made. Case 3. A year-old male reported with a swelling on the right Fig. H-E section showing cystic capsule lined lateral border of tongue of 6 months duration, of size 2 X 1 cm2. The swelling was soft, smooth and cystic Fig. The lesion mobility. Macroscopic finding consisted of soft, cystic, grayish black, The lesion was excised and sent for 2x1x0.

On sectioning a whitish cheesy material, histopathologic examination. Macroscopic probably keratin material was found. Histopathologic examination finding consisted of soft, cystic, grayish of H-E stained section showed fibrocellular cystic wall lined by black, 1.

On sectioning thin layer of stratified epithelium Fig. A confirmatory diagno- sis of Epidermoid cyst was made. Sectioned gross specimen. Clinical photo showing swelling in the right lateral border of tongue.

H-E section showing fibrous Fig. H-E section showing fibrous cystic capsule cystic capsule and lining squamous and lining epithelium. In the surface by keratin- filled pores. Dermoid cysts lack head and neck region, the most common location is any entry port and have a predilection for lines of the lateral eyebrow. Out of all the dermoid cysts, which embryonic fusion.

Younger patients predominate for occur in the head and neck region, Epidermoid cysts, predominantly seen in areas of a dermoid cyst. Head and neck account for about 1. Sublingual, The source of this epidermis is infundibulum of hair submental and submandibular spaces are common follicle, as the lining of these two structures are simi- localization in the floor of mouth.

Epidermoid cysts are slow growing and usually asymptomatic, but they may become inflamed or The head and neck sites affected most frequently secondarily infected, resulting in pain and tenderness.

Incidental papillary thyroid carcinoma in thyroglossal duct cyst case report

Orbital dermoid malignancies, including basal cell carcinoma, Bowen cysts have been classified as either exophytic or disease, Squamous cell carcinoma, and mycosis endophytic, according to their site of attachment in fungoides have been reported in epidermoid cysts relation to the orbital rims. The exophytic cysts grow Debaize et al. The cyst can occur at any age, externally and are discovered in childhood, whereas most common in the third and fourth decades of life.

Genital lesions can cause pain during urination In the neck, these cysts usually present as or sexual activity.

Oral lesions can cause difficulty in cutaneous products. The mass does Strutton; Ohta et al. A central pore or punctum Several theories have been proposed to explain may be noticed. A thick cheesy material may be the development of dermoid cysts. They may result expressed. They could represent a variant form of the thyroglossal Suggested etiology includes sequestration of duct cyst.

Finally, previous surgical or accidental events epidermal rests during embryonical life, occlusion of could lead to traumatic implantation of epithelial cells pilosebaceous unit and traumatic surgical into deeper tissues.

Epidermoid cysts are the result of implantation of epithelial elements.

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HPV infection and implantation of epidermal elements in the dermis eccrine duct occlusion may be additional factors in Nicollas et al. Nicollas et al. An implantation epidermoid cyst in soft tissues is surgical excision Nicollas et al. Several possible complications of spontaneous or post traumatic rupture and surgical Histopathologically, dermoid and epidermoid procedures have been described.

In patients with a cysts are lined by keratinized epidermis with ruptured spinal dermoid cyst, fatty droplets can occasional areas of pseudostratified ciliated columnar disseminate in the cerebrospinal fluid or in a dilated epithelium, but cysts of floor of mouth may be central canal of the spinal cord.Clin Imaging. Primary papillary carcinoma of a thyroglossal duct cystic: report of a case and literature review.


The postoperative period was uneventful. Presentation and management of a thyroglossal duct cyst with a papillary carcinoma. The lesion mobility.