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dozen or so proven techniques to increase your reading speed many times over while also ing matter and then to apply the lessons of the chapters to that reading experience. When we get to the triple-chunking tech- nique, that sharper. In books of the organizational download Triple Your Reading Speed innovation, this in Sports and Ex- ebooks in , the trouble not helped on the analyzer. TXSDXNSCEVPO» eBook» Triple Your Reading Speed: The Acceleread Method Learn to Read Faster and Read eBook. TRIPLE YOUR READING SPEED.

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The schools guaranteed that all graduates of the program would be able to read 1, words-per-minute or three times the pre-course tested rate whichever was greater , with improved comprehension. Records prove the average rate increase for graduates of the closely supervised, individualized course ranged from seven to twelve times -- depending upon the individual student's basic ability, the type of material being read, the purpose for which it was read, and other factors.

Comprehension, as measured by objective tests, typically improved an average of 13 percent. However, overall understanding of what was read improved markedly -- usually far more than that which could be measured solely by objective testing. An integral part of the outstanding success of this reading method was the intensive, specialized training and practice in developing previewing techniques, better study habits, and improved test-taking skills.

This book course contains all the necessary theory, explanations, drills, study, and practice exercises to enable a motivated, "average" reader to at least triple his or her present reading rate, and improve overall comprehension -- if the program outlined here is closely followed.

This is a tested and proven method; it is in no way experimental. You probably have some doubts or reservations. You might say that it just is not possible, that you can read only so fast and that is it.

Not true! It is now possible for all readers possessing at least average abilities who apply themselves to the guides and materials in this book-course to at least triple their present words-per-minute rate, and improve overall comprehension of what is required or chosen reading.

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What does this mean to you personally? It means you will be able to read three similar books in the time you now require to read only one -- and you will understand what you read much better.

It does get to be embarrassing to always have to say no when an acquaintance asks if you have read such and such book! These are just a few of the many advantages of successful faster reading.

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You will no doubt be able to add to this limited list. Read on. A strong desire to improve reading speed and comprehension is absolutely necessary before a marked change for the better is to be either expected or actually noted -- know this from the outset.

Statistics, especially, are often sought out for the sole sake of supporting an argument. Always find the original source whenever you can. Practice speed reading it's different than skimming Learning how to read faster is one way to spend less time researching, looking for information and troubleshooting problems.

Acceleread is an app that helps you practice a faster method of consuming information and unlearn years of reading "the wrong way". Usually we read aloud in our heads, sounding out every word, in a process called auditory reassurance.

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But, if you actively cut back on that habit, and try absorbing meaning based on the visual cues of the words alone, you can triple your reading speed. It takes some practice, but eventually your comprehension catches up with your speed and Too Long; Didn't Read will be less of an issue.

Put all those hours to better use by developing a process for actively curating research and statistics. Every time you stumble across something that might make good fodder for future content, save it! Personally, I use Pocket to collect compelling articles, industry reports, and listicles of statistics to refer to in the content I create.

It's easy to archive content I don't want and tag the ones I do want to keep in mind for the future.

I just wish I could find it I rely on this especially when it comes to writing an infographic or eBook where research can get pretty intensive. This works best with a dual-screen setup: one monitor for conducting research and one for collecting it.

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Incorporate research into your content in a meaningful way. This book may be useful if you have the time and patience to do all of the drills.

Comprehension, as measured by objective tests, typically improved an average of 13 percent. I've red it but not applied would soon try book's cultre method of speed reading.