A stunning novel, spanning generations and continents, Ghana Must Go by rising star Taiye Selasi is a tale of family drama and forgiveness, for fans of Zadie. A “buoyant” and “rapturous” debut novel (The Wall Street Journal) about the transformative power of unconditional love. Electric, exhilarating, and beautifully crafted, Ghana Must Go introduces the world to Taiye Selasi, a novelist of extraordinary talent. A renowned surgeon and. where can i download Ghana Must Go: A Novel free ebook pdf site reader online textbook epub electronic summary of the book Ghana Must Go: A Novel full.

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Ghana Must Go EPUB ebook. By Author: Video Games You Must Play Before You Die. Sorry! Blockbuster TV: Must-See Sitcoms in the Network Era. Ghana Must Go by Taiye Selasi PDF, ePub eBook D0wnl0ad. Kweku Sai is dead. A renowned surgeon and failed husband, he succumbs. Download Ghana Must Go: A Novel book by Taiye Selasi epub pdf fb2Type: book pdf, ePub, fb2, zip Publisher: Penguin BooksReleased.

Although traditional print publishers were the first to adopt EPUB, nothing in the format limits its use to eBooks. PDF is still the most widely used electronic document format in the world. PDF readers are ubiquitous and installed on most modern computers. Specific fonts can be embedded in PDF to control the final output exactly. From a software developer's point of view, PDF falls far short of the ideal: It's not a trivial standard to learn; therefore, it's not a simple matter to throw together your own PDF-generating code.

Although PDF libraries are available for most programming languages, many are commercial or are embedded in GUI applications and not easily controlled by external processes. Not all free libraries continue to be actively maintained.

PDF-native text can be extracted and searched programmatically, but few PDFs are tagged such that conversion to a Web-friendly format is simple or reliable.

PDF documents aren't easily reflowable, meaning that they don't adapt well to small screens or to radical changes to their layouts. An alternative format is DTBook, a standard for encoding books for the visually impaired. See Related topics for more information on DTBook, which is not covered in this tutorial.

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The specification can be quite strict about the format, contents, and location of those files within the EPUB archive. This section explains what you must know when you work with the EPUB standard.

Listing 1. Open a text editor or an IDE such as Eclipse. I recommend using an editor that has an XML mode—in particular, one that can validate against the Relax NG schemas listed in Related topics. The mimetype file This one's pretty easy: The mimetype file is required and must be named mimetype. Additionally, the mimetype file must be the first file in the ZIP archive and must not itself be compressed.

For now, just create this file and save it, making sure that it's at the root level of your EPUB project. EPUB reading systems will look for this file first, as it points to the location of the metadata for the digital book. Inside it, open a new file called container.

The container file is very small, but its structural requirements are strict.

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Listing 2. Sample container. These topics are not covered in this tutorial. See the OCF specification for more information. The mimetype and container files are the only two whose location in the EPUB archive are strictly controlled. As recommended although not required , store the remaining files in the EPUB in a sub-directory.

The following section of this tutorial covers the files that go into OEBPS—the real meat of the digital book: its metadata and its pages. Open Packaging Format metadata file Although this file can be named anything, the OPF file is conventionally called content.

Ghana Must Go EPUB ebook

It specifies the location of all the content of the book, from its text to other media such as images. Listing 3. Metadata Dublin Core defines a set of common metadata terms that you can use to describe a wide variety of digital materials; it's not part of the EPUB specification itself.

Any of these terms are allowed in the OPF metadata section. When you build an EPUB for distribution, include as much detail as you can here, although the extract provided in Listing 4 is sufficient to start. Listing 4. Extract of OPF metadata The two required terms are title and identifier. According to the EPUB specification, the identifier must be a unique value, although it's up to the digital book creator to define that unique value.

Note that the value of the attribute unique-identifier must match the ID attribute of the dc:identifier element.

Other metadata to consider adding, if it's relevant to your content, include: Language as dc:language. Publication date as dc:date. Publisher as dc:publisher.

Ghana Must Go by Taiye Selasi

This can be your company or individual name. Copyright information as dc:rights.

Including a meta element with the name attribute containing cover is not part of the EPUB specification directly, but is a recommended way to make cover pages and images more portable. This example shows both forms. The value of the meta element's content attribute should be the ID of the book's cover image in the manifest, which is the next part of the OPF file.

This usually means a list of XHTML files that make up the text of the eBook plus some number of related media such as images.

Every file that goes into your digital book must be listed in the manifest. Listing 5 shows the extracted manifest section.

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Listing 5. Extract of OPF manifest You must include the first item, toc. You can include non-supported file types if you provide a fall-back to a core type.

See the OPF specification for more information on fall-back items. A Novel fb2 Ghana Must Go: A Novel magnet Ghana Must Go: A Novel free Ghana Must Go: A Novel torrent Ghana Must Go: A Novel book Ghana Must Go: A Novel txt.

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These books produce itself in the form which can be reachable by anyone, that's why I mean in the e-book web form.The Marriage of Opposites. When the Moon Is Low. Paula McLain. However, experienced XML developers should be able to adapt the examples to any programming language with XML libraries. We Should All Be Feminists. This element should match the dc:identifier in the OPF file.

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