English: ☆ Vol 1 - 12 (PDF, lengkap dengan ilustrasi) MB light-novel-date -live- * TL PDF by MBAH Date A Live LN's Translation. his attention was drawn away by another matter. Mio and Reine's bodies emitted a faint light. there was stuffed. Light Novel Date A Live Bahasa Indonesia. Info Light Novel: Name: Date A Live ( デート・ア・ライブ) Type: Light Novel Author: Tachibana Koushi.

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Download Light Novel Date A Live Volume 12 Bahasa Indonesia. Link Download LN Date A Live Volume 12 file PDF: Google Drive | Mediafire. Mio True End (澪トゥルーエンド, Mio Tourū Endo) is the 19 volume of Date A Live light novel series. Now――Let's begin the war that will decide the world's fate. Tohka World (十香ワールド, Tōka Wārudo) is the 20 volume of Date A Live light novel series. In the saved world, dating and making her fall in love!?.

Bersamaan dengan goncangan yang datang tiba-tiba, kota yang terbentang di depannya lenyap tanpa jejak. Di sudut jalan yang sekarang telah menjadi sebuah kawah, di sanalah gadis itu. Hanya ada dua jalan untuk menghentikan gadis ini: Adik kecilnya Kotori, memakai seragam militer, dengan demikian berkata kepada Shido: Untuk lebih jelasnya silahkan sobat baca sendiri Light Novel-nya secara offline dengan mendownload serial Light Novel Date A Live Bahasa Indonesia yang dapat didownload per volume dibawah ini:.

Post a Comment: Would you like to go out for a bit? Although when compared to past examples. Shinji adjusted his breathing while staring at his own eyes through the mirror. As a healthy high school student. Shinji had never invited a girl to a date before. There were even times where he felt a particular longing for a beautiful sempai or had his heart race unguarded by his fellow female classmates. If it was for her sake.

Apart from that. Just calling out her name left him feeling breathless afterwards. Shinji also did not exactly know the difference between a date and two people heading out together. But thinking back. Just thinking of her face caused his heart rate to soar to new heights. Shinji felt that he had the strength to do anything. Nice weather today. For some reason unbeknownst to even himself, he had spoken out while using keigo.

Shinji cleared his throat with a slight cough before continuing. Perhaps, due to the training, Shinji was gradually getting accustomed to asking. Spurred forward by this progress, Shinji continued to speak with a straightforward expression. Just as Shinji was finishing that sentence, he heard a voice come from behind him. For a moment, due to being too immersed in his training, Shinji thought that he created an imaginary girl in his mind.

Then, before him stood an unbelievably beautiful girl that seemed to have been standing there unnoticed for quite some time. While asking, she slightly tilted her head with curious eyes. While Shinji was blankly staring at her back from a distance, he softly fell down on the spot. Screams of lamentation. Roars of resentment. On the battlefield where the Wizards and Spirits were fighting, the explosive sounds of reiryoku and maryoku intermingled in the air.

Every scream or shriek released from here was concealed under layers of even more sounds of destruction. It was as if hell had been relocated to above ground. In that unnatural silence, only the painful voice of a girl echoed around in a delicate manner. Her left and right eyes were widely open in horror. The tips of her unevenly tied hair were slightly shaking in jagged swings. Even her skin, which was pale as snow, reflected death in her appearance.

Tokisaki Kurumi. From the girl who was usually called the Worst Spirit, it was an appearance that could not be imagined of her. However, it would be unreasonable to think anything less of that reaction. After all, a white arm was extending out of her chest. This was neither a metaphor nor an exaggeration. While staring at that face, Shidou unconsciously felt a small voice leak out from his throat. Glossy hair that resembled silk thread, translucent white skin, even the languid expression projected by her pair of eyes seemed to only add further luster to her beauty.

Certainty, she was a beautiful girl. His genes, his very soul, every fiber of turbulent emotion that comprised of himself were drawn towards her. If taken at one step at a time, this sort of emotion can be described love or affection. However, with the current circumstances complied on top of each other and reaching the limits of the conclusion, calling it a curse would seem more appropriate.

Instantly, a dense shadow sucked into the muzzle. Kurumi tried to raise her gun once again. Thanks to you. Coming out from the chest. The girl then narrowed her eyes. Shidou was undeniably forced to understand a fact.

Kurumi collapsed on her back. I can stand in front of him once again. The arrival of the demise of all life. Of course. It was almost like his body was unconditionally accepting what the girl was doing. Standing up. For someone who had just killed her. Shidou was aware of the one person who had always called him by that name. Despite feeling his body trembling unconsciously. Who the hell is she?

Even though they have never met before. Shidou blankly leaked out his voice. The facial expression that was distorted by agony transformed into a serene state. The dismay of the superior officers easily propagated to the subordinates.

With one hand pressed against his aching head. As a commander. Shidou did not fall down to his knees. In particular. Then Shidou. But right now. Kotori used the armrest to support her body while looking at the left side of the bridge. She had come to realization of the possibility that had been lingering in her head since then. Kotori nearly choked on her breath. Just as she was fighting alongside Shidou up until now.

She finally noticed. From just a moment ago. There was no except even if that commander was a lovely young girl in her teenage years. To the direction of where. But why? Kotori felt the aspects of someone else in her appearance. Just like Kotori. There was no doubt that this was the first time she had seen this girl.

The girl standing before Shidou looked exactly like Reine except a few years younger. Was it rational or subconscious? Despite not knowing which one she was relying to act on. Kotori shouted in a faintly trembling voice as if trying to make an appeal. Ridicule me in your usual tone. Her sleepy but calm expression remained the same as usual. Just laugh and say it is a coincidence. Within a short time.

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Reine still stood there without changing her expression. Thank you.. A calm judgment not subjected to feelings. That was a very good response. This was one of the precautionary measures against intruders or illegal operations. What do you mean? The next moment. An electrical shock generated by a short circuit. Reine continued to speak in a bold manner. Accompanying that sound. Kannazuki Kyohei. Thank you for protecting Shin until now. But it was the surprising statement of Reine that broke the silence..

Although not fatal. There was only one fact that can be derived from those words. Everything is for this moment. Reine also stared at the girl before beginning to speak.. Everything is for this time. That is me. Just now. More than Kurumi's clones. While speaking. The time for my deepest desire to become realized.. Kotori briefly took a glance at the mysterious girl on the monitor.

Reine had surely said that. Separating from each other was more convenient. You can think of it as two bodies that share the same intention. I am that. I am that..

Reine showed neither affirmation nor denial as her eyes cast downward. If what Reine had said was true. A Spirit. Reine took one step forward on the bridge floor and disappeared as if having melted into the space.

From the very beginning. Her most trusted friend had become the worst enemy. Clenching her hand into the shape of a fist.

The cruelty of the reality turned the commander of the fleet back into an age- appropriate girl in mere seconds. Wiping away her tears with the sleeves of her military uniform. The time spent so far had been nothing more than a frill to her.

Reine did not betrayal Kotori and the others. Kotori stretched her hand to reach Reine. But in that short amount of time. Kotori vigorously struck the floor with her boots as she stood up. Since I am maintaining the defense of the hull. What happened here is nothing more than that. If you were drinking at a bar during nighttime. If you are trying to insult us. The AI that continues to grow while boasting a degree of perfection: But right now here is a battlefield.

Regarding the sensitivity of the human heart. I was just considering the disposal the programing part that allows an AI to blab too much. Kotori finally loosened her expression. Although she was known as the Worst Spirit. The war situation was not looking very optimistic and now a new enemy. I watched it once on a movie. Although she had managed to keep up appearances. Kotori would want to make her cry in return as payback.

Although her goal is not known. To be honest. It was self-evident that Kurumi had died since her life response had disappeared. Kotori slightly furrowed her brow. It is those types that will bear their fangs on mankind one day. After saying that.

If Maria could learn more about the subtleties of the human mind. But for those AI. Over there. His consciousness felt cloudy. At the same time where knowledge of both selves was being shared.

Kotori shook her head to regain her composure before continuing forward. It would be a lie to say that her loss did not feel painful. Kotori turned her attention to the screen. At that instant. And just now. Despite replying the same as usual. Shidou felt there was something off with what was just said. Please endure it for a bit longer. Murasame Reine herself. Shidou lightly raised his brow. Reine took a light breath in. It was a sight impossible to explain. After all.

When faced with this abnormal situation. She had hair that was casually tied together and a pale face with thick dark rings surrounding her eyelids.

Reine replied back in a calm voice. Next to the beautiful girl standing before him. The reason for that was because it was the exact same feeling that Reine gave off. The outlines of the two gradually became more blurred as they eventually merged into one. Takamiya Mio. Shidou was already aware of this. Astral Dress. The Spirit of Origin. At the same time Mio had fused with Reine and revealed her Astral Dress.

The silhouette of a dress bathed in the phantasmal color resembling the Northern Lights. Murasame Reine. As for the identification name.

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Behind her. The worst disaster in human history. Shidou looked on. The absolute armor worn by Spirits. The primordial Spirit. The strongest Spirit that was bestowed the name of God. Since you died. Shidou placed his hand against his forehead. Right now. There are so many things I want to talk about. Shidou breathed in-between quivers.

How much time will it take? So many things that it will take forever to finish. Shin and Mio have finally reunited here. Shidou sincerely hoped it was just a byproduct of his own misunderstanding. I did anything that I could think of.

Shidou stood breathlessly. Shidou hoped to be ridiculed for conjuring up such a bad delusion. I was certain that I would never meet Shin again. Mio did not display even the slightest hint concealment. I did everything needed to meet Shin once more. At the footsteps of his own existence.

The enormous sins that his own existence carried without reason. The blood of the girls poured to fill that cup. While looking directly at Shidou. No matter what purpose. Mio was willing to walk even on a path marked with sin. For that purpose. As Shidou clutched his chest with one hand in order to curb the urge to vomit. On the contrary. That was why. There was not a hint of enjoyment in the slaughter. It was that firm determination that created the Mio standing before him today.

In the end. What on earth can respond to that? Mio still choose this path of carnage. Whatever answer Shidou would come up with.

That was unkind of me. Shin himself was rejecting the actions of the girl who had led everything. I am not as strong as humans. After losing Shin. Shidou fell silent. But even considering all of that.

Even though I wanted die. I had only Shin. Mio had likely already thought of before. I am not as weak as humans. For the person those words were directed to. After being asked in such a way. It was agony that looked to have already bothered her numerous times before.

Mio let out a brief sigh. Leave everything to me. Mio smiled gently. That punishment is all mine. Mio slowly raised her hand towards Shidou.

That sin is all mine. And also……good-bye. Mio continued to speak. There was an instinctive fear towards what Mio had just said. In any case. Shidou felt her loneliness. Shidou jolted his eyes awake all of a sudden. There was no doubt that since the first day she met Shidou. Long hair flowing in with the color of the night. Mio displayed no feelings of anger or tension as she opened her mouth with a calm expression. Seeing this. Tohka successfully launched a projectile attack.

The other girl was wearing a Limited Astral Dress with the wing attached to her left shoulder while holding a large pendulum.

And also Kaguya and Yuzuru. Although she suffered a direct attack from Tohka. That goes beyond mere greed……has Kurumi really been killed?

Although there were numerous impatient enemies. One girl was wearing a wing-shaped limited Astral Dress on her right shoulder and holding a large lance. Alongside Tohka. Shidou could only give a bitter reply. Providing assistance. As the girls who boasted the highest reaction time even among the Spirits. Hearing that declaration.

So I think I should deal with you guys first. Tohka lightly raised her brow. Mio continued to speak while slowly moving her hand forward.

Tohka breathed out in indignation. Between you all and Shin. But that alone is insufficient. An indication of someone appearing from behind, that much was understood without even having to turn around. Tohka, who noticed this, widened her eyes in horror as she kicked against the ground once again. His field of vision blacked out for a moment. While holding down his head and blinking several times, his blurred vision soon became clear again.

At that moment, Shidou finally realized that he had landed on top of the body of a girl around his own age. All of them reacted with startled facial expressions and poses. Apart from Tonomachi and Ai, Mai, and Mii, there were several familiar faces that could be seen.

Light Novel Volume 18

Faced with the sudden confusion of what had occurred, Shidou attempted to figure out what had just happened. Mio had said. In order to prevent Shidou from hindering that goal, she had temporarily moved him to another location.

It was no wonder that she would be able to do such a thing with ease. For some reason, despite not knowing if it was just his imagination, it seemed that her cheeks were a bit reddish. However, for Shidou right now, there was no room for such matters. Shidou glanced down as he drew his face closer to Ai. Perhaps wondering why her name was yelled out without honorifics, Ai let out a feeble voice. Although the shuttering noises from smart phones were ringing behind the scenes, Shidou did not pay heed to that.

Shidou let out a strained expression as he mentally conceptualized a map of the town. It was quite a distance from his current location. Nevertheless, it was better than being sent halfway across the globe. However, at that moment, a terrifying thought popped into his mind. Shidou applied some force against his wrists to push himself back up. But of course, the exit was closed off by thick gates. In front of there, a teacher seemed to be supervising everyone.

Right now outside is in the middle of a spacequake!?

Well, it was a natural response. After all, one of her students was about to leave the shelter before the warning alarm was lifted. Ten months ago, Shidou had been a normal high school student. No, for Tama-chan and the others, they still believed in that, which is why she was trying to keep all of her students in a safe place. It was an alluringly sweet temptation. For Shidou, who had exhausted both his body and mind, it was like a devilishly whisper eroding away at him little by little.

At that time, Tonomachi and the Ai, Mai, Mii trio, who all saw the commotion, all caught up to Shidou. As if to shake off the temptation that had seeped into his mind.

Tonomachi and the others narrowed their eyes as they looked around. But these ten months had been the most valuable and important time of his life so far……! To where Tohka. W-what are you all doing……!? We were just playing around! What the hell are you doing?! Shidou relaxed his muscles. The sereneness of expression in this situation seemed even more bizarre for Tonomachi and the others. Even if Shidou applied all of his strength.

All things related to the Spirits are a secret matter. This was something that Kotori had emphasized greatly. It was something that could not be seen nor heard by the average person. The Angel that served as the key to open and close anything. In one moment. The gate gave off a faint glow before opening with a creaking sound. Where did you send Shidou!? After confirming that. Shidou injected strength into his legs as he ran up the stairs leading back to the ground.

Shidou stepped out of the refugee before the turmoil could grow even larger. Mio merely nodded in a calm gesture.

Shidou quickly raised his head. Despite being the target of such intense stares. Mio had snuck up from behind to embrace Shidou.

The Yamai sisters whom position themselves next to Tohka also gave off similar stares.

Tohka tightened her face while biting her lips with the back of her teeth. If possible. Her painful determination. Mio only shook her head sideways in rejection. To truthfully believe what Mio had said was dangerous. If that were the case.

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You are Reine……? Although both her appearance and voice were younger. Tohka tensely wrinkled her brow. Contents [ show ]. Where to find the online manga book 3 messages.

So date a lives manga is shorter than the anime but date a live has a novel series that includes date a bullet that is still being made so you Date A Live and Date A Bullet aren't manga, they're novels - as in, full on, word books with only a couple of illustrations. There I It's a Quasi-Spirit, the summary confirms that.

Retrieved from " https: ISBN She had likely tried to persuade herself by self-proclaiming to be the strongest in order to not lose to him. What is you purpose! After Shidou kissed Mio, her Angel shape shifted, turned into a sphere of light with around 10 meters in diameter covered them.

If you are trying to insult us. Looking back at that glare. Alongside Tohka. To the direction of where. Ellen sharpened her gaze as she issued out an instruction from her brain. Next time. An indication of someone appearing from behind, that much was understood without even having to turn around.