Tears of a Tiger is a young adult novel written by Sharon M Draper. It was first published by Atheneum in , and later on February 1, by Simon Pulse, and is the first book of the Hazelwood High Trilogy. "As compelling a novel as any published in the last two decades. download it, read it, share it." "Short chapters and alternating viewpoints provide raw energy and. Start by marking “Tears of a Tiger (Hazelwood High, #1)” as Want to Read: The book Tears of a Tiger, by Sharon fruchbabefonbei.tk is about student-athletes from the Hazelwood High School Tigers basketball team who celebrate a big win by drinking while driving,that leads to the death of a.

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Book - Tears of a Tiger by Sharon M. Draper one night after a game, killing Robert Washington, his best friend and the captain of the Hazelwood High Tigers . Andy tackles his guilt and grief in the first book of Sharon M. Draper's award- winning Hazelwood High fruchbabefonbei.tk don't cry—or do they?. Tears of a tiger / by Sharon M. Draper.—1st ed. p. cm. This book is dedicated, with love, to my parents, Victor and Catherine Mills, who gave me wings to fly.

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He always enjoyed talking to Monty. What Monty is saying is a metaphor. He's really asking Andy if he cries. This chapter is crucial because it shows that Monty is very quick to pick up on Andy's emotions and how his older brother is feeling.

Keisha notices little by little that Andy's depression is a lot worse than he's leading on, but decides not to tell anyone. On the same day, Andy skips school and stays home and decides to use his dad's hunting rifle to commit suicide in order to get rid of all the pain and guilt.

His mother, Monty, and Rhonda all see his body in his room with the gun in his hand and his blood everywhere. His friends are really upset and write letters to him, wishing he'd had asked for help instead of ending his life without saying goodbye. Tyrone said he'd never forget the night Rob died, Gerald was angry that Andy didn't have courage, Rhonda wanted to know if Andy was thinking about his family, and Keisha hated that he was dead, and hoped he'd go to heaven.

Instead of writing a letter, B. He said that Andy was afraid of death.

While sitting there, Monty talks about how it was selfish of Andy to leave before his 7th birthday, before he could teach Monty to talk to girls, and before he could teach Monty how to play basketball. Monty told him that he'd always love Andy and would always miss him. Sharon received many reviews regarding her novels, mainly focusing on Tears of a Tiger.

Sharon shared this account of how her writing career began in an interview with the Reading Teacher late last summer according to them. In animated conversation punctuated by laughter and enthusiasm, she described her life as a high school educator and as an author of novels, chapter books, and poetry books for a wide range of readers. Before the interview ended, The Reading Teacher came to know her as an accomplished teacher who understands and cares deeply about student literacy and as a writer of many genres.

Soon after winning the magazine contest, Sharon wrote and began to offer out the manuscript for Tears of a Tiger to book publishers; however, this endeavor was to be a lesson in perseverance. Sharon conceived the book's style and format differently.

In it she tells the story of a popular teenage basketball star killed in a fiery auto accident. She uses a variety of writing modes that students are expected to master to achieve language proficiency. The story unfolds through the voices of its high school characters' diary entries, personal essays, letters, and notes.

Newspaper articles, teacher conversations, and morning school announcements add even more unusual dimensions.

Teachers know what kids like. Teachers know what kids will read and teachers know what they need in the classroom to teach. Tears of a Tiger was a book to teach with.

You can teach figurative language, symbolism, style, and modes of writing with it. The kids ask if I did that on purpose, and I say "Yes! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Book Review: ‘Tears of a Tiger’ by Sharon M. Draper

Thematic Guide to Young Adult Literature. Retrieved 2 January I Loved the plot of the story because it was realistic and their was no story book ending. The author did an amazing job of writting the story and planning out the plot, the plot was ama "Tears of a Tiger is one of my favorite books. The author did an amazing job of writting the story and planning out the plot, the plot was amazing.

The book is also one of my favorites because it was very realatable. It also was an easy book to relate to because it deals with the normal things of a teenager living in violent Philadelphia.

Many teen s deal with death in the " City Of brotherly Love". Within the first couple of pages a great victory occurs, however it is followed by a horrible tragedy. A high school basketball team wins a game, great victory. The star players are excited and wanted to go out and celebrate.

They end up drinking and driving. They get into a car accident and three of the boys escape the car before it catches fire. However one friend is stuck in the car and the boys stand there helplessly as they watch and hear their friend burning to death.

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I was in tears, and it had me hooked. The author grabbed my attention in the very beginning and never let it loose throughout the book. I love the way the author tells the story. She tells it through phone conversations, letters, and newspaper articles. Each element tells the story, and each has a different point of view.I didn't pick this book off of a shelf, and I wasn't sold by another reviewer raving about "a story you'll never forget" either.

Hazelwood trilogy 2 10 May 09, Andy and B.

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Over all I felt that Tears of a Tiger was a fantastic novel and I absolutely recommend others to read it. Apart from themes, having a unique writing style is one of the most defining attributes that an author should have if they ever want to dwell among the top of the top.

What is the usual punishment? I would recommend this book to young adults who know how control their feelings because the context of this story can teach you valuable lessons.