Add papers to Mendeley by dragging and dropping a PDF into the Mendeley Desktop window. Mendeley will automatically extract the details from the document. Tap the download icon to download the PDF to your device. Just like in Mendeley Desktop, you can record your thoughts and jot down notes as necessary. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux, Mendeley Desktop lets you save PDFs, generate citations, organize references, and automatically backup and sync your .

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Mendeley is a free reference manager and an academic social network. from your browser with a few clicks or import any documents from your desktop. Download the desktop program. ✓ Install the web importer. Adding references from databases and websites. ✓ Adding references by using 'Save to Mendeley'. Install Mendeley desktop in your documents folder, this way it is easier to back-up your references and more important your pdf's. Download Mendeley.

This is really surprising because I have it set to keep its own copy of all the pdfs I add.


In its own structure. Then it crashes.

You can avoid this by having Mendeley backup all your pdfs online, but you eventually run out of space and have to pay for it. I also had to learn not to go through a folder and open everything I might want to read.

Mendeley Citation Manager: Mendeley Desktop

Because inevitably it crashes and I then have to do this sorting job again 2 or 3 times. You also cannot create a backup that includes your pdfs. Summary This would be an excellent program if it worked properly.

Some things looks different in Windows, but the functionality is the same. The name Mendeley is derived from two famous scientist: Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev, Russian chemist and inventor, and Gregor Mendel, founder of the science of genetics. Installation To install Mendeley, visit mendeley. You will use the same login credentials for the desktop and web version.

You have the possibility to work in either of these versions and sync your Mendeley library in between. Two more things should be installed: The Web Importer , a bookmark that lets you import references and documents from a wide range of academic databases. In addition to this it also allows yout to create a reference for any webpage you are viewing.

Visit mendeley. You also find the same functionality under the "File" menu.

Mendeley – a short guide

If Mendeley are not able to extract all necessary metadata for the reference, the PDF will be put in the "Needs Review" folder. Click on the magnifying glass symbol next to the standard number to search for metadata.

Import references Mendeley is not fully capable to collect references in bulk from different databases, but there are some possibilities. The easiest way is often to use the web importer.

If you want to import a single reference together with the pdf, you should open the pdf before clicking the web importer.

You can also use the web importer from a result list in a database and import several references at the same time. Unfortunately, the pdfs will not be included if you use this method.

Recently Read: PDF files that you have recently opened. Favorites: References that you have starred. Needs Review: Imported references that require attention. References in this folder will automatically be removed once they have been reviewed.

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My Publications: Add references that you have authored in this folder. References in this folder will be displayed in your online Mendeley profile. Unsorted: References not in a folder.

Create your own folders and subfolders to organize your references. To do so, click Create Folder To create a subfolder, right-click on the folder to which you wish to add a subfolder and select New Folder. Use the Ctrl, Command or Shift keys to highlight multiple references.

Drag the references to a folder. Removing References from a Folder Select the reference you wish to move.This is really surprising because I have it set to keep its own copy of all the pdfs I add.

Review the references and choose the details that you would like to keep from each reference by selecting the check box next to each field. After reviewing your list of search results click on the Refman link of required references one at a time. Drag and drop the references to the All Deleted Documents folder under Trash in the left-hand panel of your Mendeley library.

If you click the one shaped like a "C" with an arrow attached, the citation for the item you have selected will appear in Word. In the Savedrecs dialog box set the Open radio button and click on Browse to select the Mendeley Desktop program.

The example below demonstrates saving two articles from PubMed's Clipboard.

Click the Notes tab at the top of the panel to add notes and view annotations on attached documents. If you more capacity in storage and functionality you can upgrade your Mendeley account to a premium version.